Enterprises of all sizes are striving to reimagine themselves by creating resilient, agile, creative cultures of innovation. Today’s leaders are searching for strategies, structures, processes, and methods to meet the challenges of our fast-paced and uncertain world. Innovation is the key to resilient, sustainable, and thriving businesses, communities, and cultures. In practice, however, innovation is difficult. While many see it as a journey from A to B and believe we can build a bridge between these points, it’s not that simple. From insight to innovation, from idea to implementation – the process is not linear. We must understand that reality is uncertain, complex, and at times chaotic.

How can business and community leaders navigate this complexity and drive innovation? How can they become more resilient and adaptive in the face of change? SDI Miami is for entrepreneurs, executives, and directors charged with managing organizations and teams that are interested in Lean, Design Thinking, Agile, Customer Experience, and Product Innovation.

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The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse

404 NW 26 Street
Miami, FL 33127

We are excited to hold SDI Miami at the Miami Light Project, a not-for-profit cultural organization which presents live performances by innovative dance, music and theater artists from around the world. Since their inception, they have helped a diverse cross-section of communities throughout Miami-Dade County with an extensive outreach effort that includes partnerships with other arts organizations, universities and social service agencies. The Miami Light Project is a cultural forum to explore some of the issues that define contemporary society.


SDI Miami has selected the InterContinental Miami, where the city’s vibrant art, innovative businesses, and tropical life converge into the premier luxury experience. Built around Henry Moore’s famous sculpture, “The Spindle,” the luxury hotel lies on the downtown waterfront. The city’s business centers and famous beachfronts are both within easy reach.

We have secured a special rate of $189.00 per night for the SDI Miami conference from Wednesday 11-Oct through Saturday 14-October.

Address: 100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL 33131

SDI Miami Creative Team

Adam Haas

Adam Haas, president, began his career in the entertainment industry in 2007 as a DJ for private events. His passion for high energy events is what attracted him to the industry, but it was his customer-centric and detail-oriented approach that caused his reputation to grow. Over time, Adam continuously immersed himself in new areas of event production, allowing him to expand both his business and his expertise.

This process of personal and business growth culminated in Adam creating 3 Pillars Events, a one-stop shop for all of his clients' event needs. With each event, the productions grew and so did the 3 Pillars Team. Adam attributes much of his success to the power of his team, without whom Adam's elaborate visions would not become a reality. It is the strength of 3 Pillars as a whole that has made it stand out in the events industry.

Executive Producer

William Evans explores the convergence of practice and theory using Lean Systems, Design Thinking, Theory of Constraints, and Service Design with global enterprises from NYC to Berlin to Singapore. As Chief Design Officer, he works with a select group of clients undergoing Lean and Agile transformations across the entire organization. Will earned his Jonah® from AGI, and serves on the Board of Advisors for Rutgers CX (Customer Experience) Program. Formerly, he was Design Thinker-In-Residence at NYU Stern.

Will splits his time between Miami, Birmingham, and New York. Besides founding the SDI Miami Conference, he Founded and Co-Chaired the LeanUX NYC conference, founded the AgileUX NYC conference, and was also the User Experience track chair for the Agile 2013-2014 conferences.