Vice Admiral Phil Wisecup to Speak at SDI Miami

May 11, 2017 Leadership, Strategy

by Will Evans

We are excited to announce that Vice Admiral Phil Wisecup will be speaking at SDI Miami! Admiral Wisecup has had a distinguished career in the US Navy, previously holding the roles of Acting Chairman of Future War Studies at the Naval War College, and President of the US Naval War College. He also served as Director for the White House Situation Room during the George W. Bush administration.

Strategic Counselor and Executive Leader: Domain skills in education, ethics, interagency processes, innovation, organization management, technology and decision making. Proven deep domain experience in operations, strategic planning, international relations and geopolitics (NATO HQ and Republic of Korea) along with related intelligence and trend analysis. Director White House Situation Room during first redesign in decades following 9/11.

Experienced Speaker/Instructor: 36 years with the US Navy, successfully commanded at multiple levels, led contingency operations requiring a high degree of planning and readiness. Years of public speaking and mentoring of future naval commanders, as well as significant time in the classroom. Four major executive (flag) positions, in the U.S and internationally, in charge of uniformed military and civilian personnel. Commander Naval Forces Korea, Carrier Strike Group Commander, President of the Naval War College and Naval Inspector General/Compliance officer.

On the board of directors of the George and Carol Olmsted Foundation, which has as a mission to “educate leaders broadly” by providing the opportunity for military officers of all services to study abroad in a foreign language. Chairman of the Finance and Investment committee. Olmsted experience was in Strasbourg France. Fluent French speaker.

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